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1 an archaic drinking vessel
2 basin for holy water [syn: stoop]

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From Old Norse staup, cognate with Old English stēap.


  • /stu:p/


  1. a bucket
  2. a mug or drinking vessel
  3. a receptacle for holy water, especially a basin set at the entrance of a church


  • 1602 : William Shakespeare, Hamlet , act V scene 2
    Set me the stoups of wine upon that table.
  • 1980, Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers
    But, though I liked Morgan well enough, I did not greatly care for his smell, which, incredibly, considering his agnosticism, was not unlike that of stale water in a church stoup.

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A Stoup or stoop can be:
  • originally, a drinking vessel, such as a cup or tankard.
  • in Scottish, a bucket or pail.
  • in ecclesiastical terminology, a basin or font for holy water at the entrance of a church, hence in full holy water stoups
  • erroneously attributed to television talk show host/cook Rachael Ray, a stoup is a portmanteau of "stew" and "soup" which she describes as a dish that is "thinner than a stew but thicker than a soup." The term appears to have originated with the Flying Biscuit Cafe chain of restaurants in Georgia and North Carolina -- "thinner than stew but thicker than soup".
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